Electrical Engineer

Company Name:
Contribute advanced design ideas, constraints, and trade-offs for medical and industrial cameras - including imagers, amplifiers, CDS sampling, cables, timing generation, A/D converters, and high speed serial data transmission.
Develop and simulate low-noise analog front end and timing circuitry from sensor interface to digitizer.
Analyze and simulate the effects of worst-case tolerances to verify required performance and to ensure long-term reliable manufacturing yields.
Determine, where appropriate, test methods to verify analytical models. If necessary, update the model assumptions and/or test methods to correlate the results.
Document results of the analyses and test verifications in technical reports and design review presentations.
Coordinate with System Engineers and FPGA designers to produce complete board schematics incorporating analog, digital, interface and FPGA components.
Interface with Product Development teams for PWB layout, mechanical, thermal, quality, and manufacturing aspects if design.
Provide sustaining support for existing product lines. This may include analysis and resolution of field issues and/or manufacturing issues.
Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, emphasis in Analog Design or equivalent experience.
Masters of Science in Engineering or related field preferred.
Demonstrated leadership skills.
Experience in analog/digital system design and analysis.
Good working knowledge of low noise sensor interface and electronics, high speed analog and digital circuits.
Must have working knowledge of mathematics, circuit modeling, and associated software tools.
Must be able to understand and operate advanced test equipment.
Must have excellent oral and written communication skills.
Design with CCDs and familiarity with FPGAs a plus.
Familiarity with Endoscopy a plus.

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